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Improve your gut health and reduce inflammation, lose weight, and boost mental clarity and energy levels.

Transform your overall health and well-being by healing your gut. Say goodbye to inflammation, shed those extra kg/pounds, sharpen your mental focus and experience a remarkable surge of energy with a simple yet effective way of fixing your gut health.

The gut is the gateway to a healthier you. 80% of the immune system lives in the gut, and it's from there that your happy hormones are produced. Most of our health problems originate from problems in the gut. So if you have lost your energy and/or your mental clarity that is a sign you need to heal your gut. Whatever you have been doing so far to get back into shape and feel happier about yourself has not worked so continue reading and I will give you some crucial tips.

Being a fasting coach, will it surprise you when I tell you that fasting will heal your gut? Probably not!

Research shows that doing 24-hour fasts will produce stem cells that will heal your gut and protect you from age-related diseases, like heart disease and high blood pressure. 24-hour fasts will also totally change your microbiome, making these changes will aid weight loss and balance your hormones. Personally, I healed the IBS I have had since my early 20s. I got my diagnosis but never actually got any help. I think, back in the day (30 years ago) the medics just didn't know how to best help patients with IBS. I just learned to live with it but always had pain in my belly. Stress made it worse and of course certain types of food. I have totally changed my lifestyle since I quit my job as a civil servant and moved to a country where the pace is a little slower. I now fully embrace intermittent fasting, and eating healthily.

What is causing your poor gut health?

When you are eating unhealthy foods and/or eating constantly throughout the day with no food breaks, you are injuring the lining of the gut and you are basically killing off the good bacteria in there and toxins and undigested food can leak out into the bloodstream. The toxin goes straight to your brain which is why you get brain fog, anxiety and you lose your energy.

The gut lining also protects against toxins and undigested food going to other parts of the body, where they will cause inflammation and pain. This is how you end up with an autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto´s, lupus or psoriasis.

Have you been diagnosed or suspect you have SIBO, Leaky Gut, Candida or parasites?

A classic sign of SIBO is when you eat vegetables and your stomach gets very bloated. SIBO is caused by bacteria in your small intestine. Candida will cause a crazy craving for sugar.

Doing a number of 24-hour fasts will kill off the bad bacteria and fungus that is making you bloated and crave sugar and instead have your good bacteria grow in numbers and totally change your microbiome for the better.

An unhealthy microbiome can also make you gain weight because instead of using up the calories you eat for energy, you end up storing those calories as fat.

A 24h fast will reboot the intestinal stem cells. The stem cells are very powerful and will start repairing that injured gut lining. This leads to better neurotransmitters which will do wonders for your brain health and your immune system. It will keep your hormones balanced and it will also help when in menopause.

What to eat and how long to water fast to improve your gut health:

If you're experiencing severe gut problems such as pain, bloating, constipation or diarrhea, and foods like salads are causing pain and bloating, the Carnivore diet is the best option for you. This diet helps to increase T Regulatory cells and heal the gut. It's recommended to do a 24-hour fast 2-3 times a week and always break the fast with 1-2 cups of healthy bone broth, its Glycine content will also help heal the gut. Make sure to balance your electrolytes with unrefined sea salt.

If you can handle vegetables. eat a diet that consists of meat, fatty fish, vegetables and berries. The meat should be grass-fed and organic, the fish wild-caught. Buy organic eggs from free-range hens and buy as much organic vegetables as possible. The Clean 15 does not have to be organic but other vegetables and berries should be. Eat Probiotics and Prebiotics. Limit your carbs to 50g a day. Do a 24-hour fast once a week and always break the fast with 1-2 cups of healthy bone broth. Make sure to balance your electrolytes with unrefined sea salt.

The clean 15: foods you do not have to buy organic.

When you are healing your gut and changing your microbiome for the better there will most likely be signs that it's working. Either diarrhea, constipation or different bowel movements than what you are used to. That is normal and it's just proof that what you are doing is working. These symptoms are temporary until your gut is reset.

If you need support and help to improve your gut health and feel your best in just three weeks? Sign up for my Gut Health program and receive expert support and a proven step-by-step plan to help you reset and heal your gut. Say goodbye to digestive discomfort and hello to a healthier you - enroll today and get a discount of 25 %. Use the code GUTHEALTH25 in check-out.

If you have questions or concerns about enrolling do not hesitate to contact me either on or send me a WhatsApp message on +34 711 023476.

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