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Your fasting therapist - Susanne Smith

January was always a shitty month for me. I was living in Sweden and it was dark and cold and the Christmas fun was long gone. I spent my time working in a stressful job as an environmental health manager, eating and sleeping and waiting for spring to come. Which of course would not happen until earliest April.

Now my life looks totally different. Since I quit my job 2,5 years ago (which was really scary but exciting) I moved to Spain with my husband. We bought a house and I started my own business. I opened a Bed & Breakfast. I still run it but I felt I needed something more. I mean it's never too late to change your ways or to learn new things right?

I invested in my health and me by starting Fasting therapy. I had read about Dr. Sanna Ehdin and her water fast protocols and that she was training up fasting therapists. I read her book and decided this was the way and future for me. I can honestly say I have never looked back and I have never felt this good. Both physically and mentally. I don't think I actually realised how badly I needed it until I started and saw and felt the transformations my body and mind went through. No more chronic inflammation, IBS, excess weight, sluggishness or tiredness. Yaaaaaaaay. Why did no one ever tell me about this before? It changed my life and I can't wait to change yours if you let me.

January now, is absolutely brilliant. I am working with something that gives so many rewards. Supporting my clients and seeing them reach their goals is simply amazing and blows me away every time. I do it from a place where the sun shines and the palm trees sway, where I can enjoy outdoor activities, soak up Vitamin D, eat fresh and wholesome foods and get stronger. Next week I will write about how my courses can help you and what you can expect.

January bliss

January Bliss

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