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45 days 1-to-1 coaching, Fasting Therapy. Limited spaces! Request needed to sign up.


Have you abused your body for a long time? Do you need help getting back on track? The fasting therapy course is the ultimate program for better health, healing, weight loss and anti-aging and it will help you: Reset your gut health and your immune system. Lower your blood pressure. Reduce insulin resistance and start burning fat. Lose weight and get a slimmer waist. Boost your brain health to fully enjoy life. Boost your energy. Get rid of visceral fat. Get a healthier relationship to food . Improve thyroid health. Restore signals from the hormones that tell you when you feel hungry and full (most have lost this signal by overeating) Activate autophagy that promotes longevity and reduces your toxic load and eliminates waste products and damaged cells that otherwise can cause serious disease. Included in Fasting therapy: 1-to-1 coaching for 6 weeks. Personalised client guide/plan depending on your current health status and health goals. Allowed food and drink lists. (Omnivore) Fasting schedule. Client app with meal- and exercise suggestions and chat function. (Omnivore) Detox and Flushing protocols. Fat deficiency test. Deep breathing. Sleep hygiene. How to maintain after reaching your goals. 1 start up meeting. 4 follow up meeting. Support and Accountability. To access the guides and info sheets go to Course material in the MENU bar and log in with the same e-mail address you signed up with. Your personalised plan will be sent to the e-mail address you signed up with.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app


45 days Fasting Therapy, €199.00
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